Tuition & Fees


Tuition is $375 per class per semester.

Payment Options:

  1. Parents may pay for the whole year by July 15.
  2. Parents may pay for the fall semester by July 15 and the spring semester by December 15.
  3. Parents may pay monthly by check or by ACH payments. Payments for the fall semester are July 15 through November 15, and payments for the spring semester are December 15 through April 15.

Any exceptions to these payment options must be submitted in writing and approved by the administration.

In the event of a bank draft default, a family will have ten days to bring their Lighthouse account current during which time their student may attend class. After the ten-day grace period, the student is placed on suspension and is not permitted to attend school until complete payment is made.

The tuition for the current school year must be paid in full before registration for the next school year is officially accepted. An exception is made for families signed up for ACH payments. Also, tuition must be paid in full before student records, including report cards and official transcripts, are released. If there is an overdue balance, students cannot graduate from Lighthouse Preparatory Academy.

All fees will be handled through the school office and not with faculty members.

Study Hall

Students who are not taking a class during school hours must either be enrolled in Study Hall or leave campus. Middle school students are not allowed to leave campus without a parent.   The fee is $100 per semester to be paid with tuition. Students in Study Hall will use the time to quietly read or work on homework.


Discounts are only available to 6th-12th grade students enrolled in at least six blocks per semester, excluding study halls.

  • Full-time 6th-12th grade students will receive a $125.00 discount per semester on tuition only.
  • Administrative fees are not discounted.

Additional Fees

(These choices are optional for students.)

Transfer classes: $50.00 per class

Leadership Credit: $25.00

Certain class may have additional fees.


Students are responsible for purchasing all textbook materials required for each class. A textbook list will be furnished each semester to facilitate ordering materials. Lighthouse Preparatory Academy will make every effort to supply an exhaustive list of textbooks but reserves the right to add materials as necessary throughout the school year. If a class must be cancelled, Lighthouse Preparatory Academy is not financially responsible for materials purchased for the class.

Book Buying Guide

School Supplies

Lighthouse Preparatory Academy will furnish a list of supplies required for full-time students. Teachers may periodically require additional supplies for special projects or assignments. Parents will be responsible for purchasing each student’s supplies.

School Supply List

Adding and Dropping Classes

Students may add or drop courses for the first two full weeks of classes, if the student is in good standing with the school and if space for him or her is available in the desired course. Students may withdraw from a class or classes any time before the end of eight weeks of school without incurring academic penalties. Forms are available in the office for all schedule changes. These must be signed by the parent and approved by the office. The student will not be allowed into a new class without this form. For more information on the impact of dropped courses on a student’s academic record, please refer to “Academic Performance Standards”. Tuition will be refunded only if a family experiences death in their immediate family, loss of work, job transfer out of the area, or for a student’s extended illness. Please take this into consideration when adding or dropping classes. Class Add/Drop Form

Schedule Change Fee

Changes to a student’s schedule will result in a fee of $25.00 per form, regardless of the number of changes requested. A separate form must be used for each student. This fee does not apply to scheduling changes initiated by the school.

Financial Assistance

The Lighthouse Ministry Board allocates a certain dollar amount for total financial assistance for tuition. Families interested in applying for assistance need to fill out an on-line application with a third party company who will review the applications and make a recommendation to the Board for the financial assistance. The Board has the authority to make the final decision regarding financial assistance.

Questions about the application should be directed to the contact information on the website. Incomplete submissions may delay or eliminate the opportunity to receive assistance.