Student Clubs

Student Council

Student Council is our school’s student government. Student Council members provide feedback from the student body on various issues. This feedback usually is discussed at student council meeting. The council represents the student body at many special school functions. The members serve as a liason from the School Board and Administration to the Student Body. The student council members host several student life events throughout the year, including Prom, Homecoming and SnowBall.

Yearbook Club

Yearbook club is comprised of students who have a desire to design the yearbook for the school. Students do so through learning Photoshop and other editing programs. Students also learn to sell business ads to raise money for the club as well as being in charge of the sales and budget and distribution.

The Latin Club

The Latin Club welcomes any students who are currently taking Latin or have taken it. Latina Societas focuses on SPQR – Ancient Roman culture – as an extension of the classroom experience. Members enjoy food, fellowship and fun during meetings. We generally meet monthly.

Art Club

More information coming soon.

Scholar Bowl

Scholar Bowl competitions are matches, which include 20 questions per match.  Each question is worth 10 or 15 points.  Teams consist of 4 players playing at a time with substitutions allowed.  Toss up questions are open to everyone, and then 3 follow-up bonus questions are offered to the winning toss-up team.  Questions are included from all fields including science, math, history, Bible, general knowledge, etc.  Lighthouse Prep has Middle School and High School Scholar Bowl teams.

Practice: Scholar Bowl meets to practice once a week throughout the year.  Wednesdays 3:15-4:30

Tournaments: Scholar Bowl has approximately 4-5 tournaments for both Middle School and High School.  These can be short after-school meets or all-day Saturday meets.

Lettering: High School participants can earn an Academic Letter by attending 75% of practices and meets.

Fee:  There is a $40 fee per student.


Towers (all boys group): Towers is a group for the young men of Lighthouse. It is designed as a way for the young men to get together away from school and let them get to know each other while doing fun things together.

God’s Partnered Sisters

God’s Partnered Sisters (GPS) provides 3-4 events during the school year which help the girls at Lighthouse get to know each other better. Our hope is that girls of all ages will participate in activities that will break down the barriers of age and grade and allow the girls to interact and encourage one another as they develop new friendships.